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Sofie Corfield



I studied Geography and completed a Cultural Geography MA. I have never been massively career minded but worked with the homeless and other vulnerable groups in society...my last permanent position was as a Drug and Alcohol worker with Young People who were Looked After. I have travelled and worked abroad. I have always enjoyed growing things. Some would say I lived an alternative lifestyle. After living in Portugal and bringing up 2 children I was struggling to find meaningful work back in the UK. This was a difficult period for me. I was doing lots of voluntary work in my local community around growing food and housing.

WEA course/s attended:

Permaculture Design Certificate, Forest Garden Course.

Motivation/what did you hope to get from the course/s:

I wanted to gain new skills and become more employable. I wanted to use my brain a bit more and become more confident around working with plants and trees. I wanted to become more employable.

Did you meet other like minded people?


Did the course meet your expectations?


Something that really stood out/the best bit:

Both the courses brought together my education and experiences travelling and doing social work. The PDC offered me practical solutions and methodology that I could apply to my life and work.

Did the course/setting contribute to your sense of well-being?

Very much so

Have you been able to use some of the things you've learned from the course/s at home/at work/in your community?
Yes. I have applied the knowledge to my community work, employment and homelife.


I have used Permaculture ideas when participating in community growing and housing projects, personal food production, discussions with friends and family and self-sufficiency. I use Permaculture in my employment looking after other people's gardens. I have been working towards a Forest School Practionners Certificate and the knowledge from the courses has supported this.

Would you recommend a WEA course to friends?