Why Vote? Campaign

Following on from the lively debates around the Scottish Referendum and the changing situation in the UK generally (Constitutional change, devolution to regions, a move away from the 3 party system, our future in Europe etc.) and leading into a year of campaigning building up to the General Election, WEA is keen to involve our students in discussions and most importantly, to make their voice heard at the ballot box.
Feet making a sign that says vote. Taken from Flickr. Photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/theresasthompson/You can read about an activity that one class did to make people aware of how our voting system works in our ‘WEA Students: Vote to Vote’ case study.
We have asked tutors to start these discussions in classes using the ‘Why Vote’ checklist to at least make sure people are aware that registration for voting has changed and what they need to do to check they will receive a vote. We hope that this will lead people into fact finding and debate that will make sure our students are having a say in what happens in their communities across the region.
You can access the ‘Why Vote’ checklist and the case study here:
(Files are in Adobe PDF format)
We’d be keen to hear about activities and discussions that take place in classes so please let us know how your students are getting involved in local democracy. We’d also be keen to hear about any good activities or resources that people find.
Live Events: We are running a series of discussion events as part of the Why Vote campaign across the North West Region. See the video below and other links.
Video: Talkshop Event At Toxteth TV
Video: Discussion Event At Oomoo Coffee, Liverpool


(Photo credit: Image released under Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0 by Theresa Thompson on Flickr)


National Voter Registration Drive Posters:

These posters may be useful to help with promotion of the National Voter Registration Drive campaign which runs Feb 2nd to 8th. Feel free to download, print and distribute them. There are a few varients available:

A poster for the National Voter Registration Drive campaign

(Please Note: All documents are in Adobe PDF format and will require a compatible reader, such as their free one)

Taking Part In The Election - Course Materials

Taking Part in the Election has been written and delivered by Woody Rivers, a tutor in South West Region. The materials are available for adaptation and incorporation into other courses on political education. At the moment they are available through the WEA Intranet, which all tutors, staff and many others have access to.